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Physics of Magnetic Stars

Proceedings of the International Conference, Nizhnij Arkhyz 28-31 August 2006
Editors-in-Chief:   I.I.Romanyuk, D.O.Kudryavtsev
Editorial assistants:   O.M.Neizvestnaya, V.M.Shapoval
Nizhnij Arkhyz, 2007

Acknowledgements 4
List of participants 8
Balega Yu.Yu., Romanyuk I.I.
Speech at the opening ceremony of the conference "Physics of magnetic stars"
Invited reviews  
Gnedin Yu.N.
Magnetic fields of stars and fundamental particle physics
Landstreet J.D., Andretta V., Bagnulo S., Mason E., Silaj J., Wade G.A.
The magnetic fields of peculiar A and B stars in open clusters
Romanyuk I.I., Semenko E.A.
Magnetic CP stars in our Galaxy
Kochukhov O.P.
3-D mapping of magnetic fields, chemical abundances and pulsations in chemically peculiar stars
Magnetic fields of CP stars. Observations  
Kudryavtsev D.O., Romanyuk I.I.
New stars with strong magnetic fields
Power J., Wade G. A., Hanes D. A., Auriere M., Silvester J.
Properties of a volume-limited sample of magnetic Ap/Bp stars
Wade G.A., Romanyuk I.I., Kudryavtsev D.O., Smolkin S., Flood J.
Monitoring magnetic fields of sharp-lined and slowly-rotating Ap stars with the 6m telescope
Kudryavtsev D.O., Romanyuk I.I., Semenko E.A., Solov'ev G.A.
Rotation and kinematics for a sample of new magnetic stars
Bychkov V.D., Bychkova L.V., Madej J.
Magnetization of stars vs. effective temperature
Magnetic fields of CP stars. Modeling  
Kochukhov O.P.
Spectrum synthesis for magnetic, chemically stratied stellar atmospheres
Luftinger T., Kochukhov O.P., Ryabchikova T., Weiss W.W., Ilyin I.
The complex picture of HD 24712: First magnetic Doppler images of a roAp star
Gerth E., Glagolevskij Yu.V.
The integral magnetic field of 53 Cam - an effect of ring-like element distribution?
Glagolevskij Yu.V., Gerth E.
Model magnetic fields of CP stars with long rotation periods
Gerth E., Glagolevskij Yu.V.
Calculation of the integral magnetic field of a star accounting for the surface distribution of elements
Lebedev V.S., Bychkov V.D., Bychkova L.V., Madej J.
Oblique rotator with inhomogeneous and symmetrical surface distribution of chemical elements
Magnetic fields of pre-main sequence and hot stars  
Wade G.A., Catala C., Alecian E., Folsom C., Bagnulo S., Bohm T., Bouret J.-C., Donati J.-F., Drouin D., Landstreet J.D.
Magnetic fields in Herbig Ae/Be stars
Alecian E., Wade G.A., Catala C., Bagnulo S., Bohm T., Bouret J.-C., Donati J.-F., Folsom C.P., Landstreet J.D., Silvester J.
Characterization of the magnetic fields of the Herbig Be stars HD 200775 and V380 0ri
Folsom C.P., Wade G.A., Hanes D.A., Catala C., Alecian E., Bagnulo S., Boehm T., Bouret J.-C., Donati J.-F., Landstreet J.D.
Investigating the pre-main sequence magnetic chemically peculiar system HD 72106
Pogodin M.A., Yudin R.V., Hubrig S., Scholler M.
Measurements of multi-component magnetic fields in Herbig Ae/Be stars with FORS1 at 8m-VLT
Pogodin M.A., Yudin R.V., Hubrig S., Scholler M.
First registration of CS magnetic fields in classical Be stars with FORS1 at 8m-VLT
Chuntonov G.A.
Magnetic field measurements for Theta 1 Ori C on the 6-meter Telescope
Petit V., Wade G.A., Montmerle T., Drissen L., Grosso N., Menard F.
X-ray emission and the incidence of magnetic fields in the massive stars of the Orion Nebula Cluster
Skulsky M.Yu.
Magnetic fields and secondary rhythms in in the Beta Lyrae system
Butkovskaya V.V.
The classical beta Cephei star gamma Pegasi: study of pulsation, binarity and magnetic field
Magnetic field of the Sun, cool and post-main-sequence stars  
Afanasiev V.L., Borisov N.V., Gnedin Yu.N., Natsvlishvili T.M., Piotrovich M.Yu.
Spectropolarimetric observations of magnetic white dwarfs at the 6m telescope BTA
Piotrovich M.Yu., Gnedin Yu.N., Larionov V.M.
Some peculiarities of spectropolarimetric observations of supernova stars
Kholtygin A.F., Chountonov G.A., Fabrika S.N., Burlakova T.E., Valyavin G.G., KangDong-il, Galazutdinov G.A., Yushkin M.V.
Line profile variability and the possible magnetic field in the spectra of supergiant rho Leo
Tlatov A.G.
Influence of the variable magnetic field of the Sun on formation of the protoplanet disc
Kaplan L.G., Otkidychev P.A.
The magnetic field origin provided by vortex-inflowing processes in sunspots
Kaplan L.G., Otkidychev P.A.
The mechanism of magnetic field origin at vortical processes in stellar plasma
Light and spectral variations. Pulsations  
Mikulasek Z., Janik J., Ziznovsky J., Zejda M., Netolicky M., Vanko M., Zverina P., Kucerova B., Ceniga M. and Szasz G.
On-line database of photometric observations of magnetic chemically peculiar stars
Mikulasek Z., Zverko J., Krticka J., Janik J., Ziznovsky J., Zejda M.
The ZOO of uvby and Hp light curves of magnetic chemically peculiar stars
Krticka J., Mikulasek Z., Zverko J., Ziznovsky J.
The light variations of HD 37776 as a result of the uneven surface distribution of helium and silicon
Sachkov M., Ryabchikova T., Kochukhov O., Lyashko D.
Propagation of pulsation waves in roAp atmospheres
Chemical composition, stratication  
Ryabchikova T., Kochukhov O., Bagnulo S.
Ca isotopic anomaly in the atmospheres of Ap stars
Khalack V., LeBlanc F., Wade G.A., Bohlender D., Behr B.B.
Nitrogen and sulfur abundance stratication in HD 135485
Shavrina A., Polosukhina N., Khan S., Pavlenko Ya., Kudryavtsev D., Khalak V., Wade G.A., Quinet P., Mikhailitska N., Lyubchik Yu., Yushchenko A., Hatzes A., Mkrtichian D., Ilyin I.
Lithium and its isotopic ratio 6Li/7Li in the atmospheres of some sharp-lined roAp stars
Sokolov N.A.
Ultraviolet variability of the mCP star 56 Arietis
Monin D., LeBlanc F.
Abundance stratification in stellar atmospheres
Thiam M., Wade G. A., LeBlanc F., Khalack V.R.
Abundances and chemical stratification in the atmosphere of the HgMn star HD 175640

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