Observations of stellar magnetic fields is a powerful method to study of different non-stationary effects in our Galaxy and behavior of plasma under astrophysical conditions. That is why many of world's observatories have a special equipment needed in order to carry out of magnetic measurements. There are many different physical theories explained energy generation of astronomical objects based on results obtained as a consequence of magnetic observations.

Investigations of stellar magnetism by means of Zeeman measurements of polarized spectra of different stars are one of the most significant observational programme on the 6-m telescope BTA of our Observatory. Working group “Magnetic stars” was created by Yuri Glagolevskij in 1968, while 6 meter telescope was not run. There are many special polarimetric equipments which occasionally is unique was created by members of the Laboratory. Regular Zeeman observations carried out last 30 years. We have obtained a huge amount of observational data. There are about 5000 magnetic measurements of different stars. More than 100 new magnetic chemically peculiar stars was discovered by our Laboratory. It forms approximately of 1/3 of total amount of well-known magnetic stars. Our Observatory is a leading world's center of stellar magnetism studing.

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Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Studies
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Nizhny Arkhyz, Zelenchukskaya
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You can find us in 427 room of the Observatory's Laboratory building.