United States of America - 2011


Hopkins University. Students relax. Private property. Washington column. Cathedral.

Monument to Polish officers killed in Katyn. Cost guard ship. Bathing on a hot day. In harbour.

In harbour. In Marilend science center. Installation. Side-show for sound echo.

Intermediate-Luminosity Red Transients. The workshop in the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore

Elena Barsukova and Vitaly Goranskij on the front steps of the institute. Howard Bond. Barsukova gives a report.

Peter Eggleton. Armin Rest. Noam Soker. Roberta Humphreys.

In the insitute's dinning room. Message on the birn if baby of an institute collegue. Conference photo.

Report presentation "Progenitors and remnants of red novae V838 Mon and V4332 Sgr" (2.2 Mb PDF).


Jefferson memorial. Mounted police. White House, the USA president palace. White House back side and tourists. Securities on the roof.

Basketball-player. Architecture example. Washington cathedral before the earthquake. In the Georgetown supurb.

Federal Bureau of Investigations. With the sailor. In the National Gallery of Art. Against a background of Capitol. A railway sation.

New York

Hearty welcome with Irina Balinskaya. Wax figures. With Marilyn Monroe. Broadway.

Boris Levitan. Stone jungle. East River and Brooklyn bridge. Installation. Wall Street and stock excange. Bull in Wall Street.

Freedom statue in horizon. Pale-faced and an Indian. Zero-point, the place of terror act on 2001 September 11 where twin towers were standed. Memorial of terror victims, a sphere extracted form ruins.

In metropolitan. Hudson River, called in Russian as Gudzon. Near Natural History Museum. Central park.

In the Central park one can ride a horse. And a human (riksha). Observation for an observer. Near a fountain.

Street musicians. Street views.

Reflection. Transparent people. Sleeping on the rock. In the street.

Near Columbus column. In Broadway. Children and water. Pair in Broadway.

In Broadway again. Near a fountain. Dance school. Ballet play-bill. Henry Hudson bridge.

Manhattan and Washington bridge at Hudson River. Light echo in the water.

Woyage through the country. Minivaska State Park

Visiting Balinskies. Home in a village. American roads. Minivaska hills.

View to valley from Minivaska. Minivaska lake. Place to bathe. Flowers.

Views of Minivaska lake. Fish.

On the bank of lake.

Crossroad. Japan sushi bar. Minuteman, the reservist ready to enter the battle in a minute. Cafe.

Return home

In Kennedy airport. Flying over Greenland.