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Results of observations with MPFS in 1998-2007 yrs: abstracts in ADS (95 references)



The Spectrograph is intended for 2D spectrophotometry of the extended objects with medium spectral resolution. Spectrograph is mounted in Prime Focus of the 6-m Telescope. Main optical parts of the spectrograph : enlarger lens, multi lens array, wide field spectrograph. Focal plane object image enlarged by the enlager lens and projected on multi lens array, each lens forms an image of the pupil of the telescope illuminated by a portion of the object and the images of the micropupils are rearranged by the quartz fibers (numerical apperture 0.2 and core diameter 200 mmk) into a long slit. Night sky probe (22 sq. arcsecs) placed on the distance of the 4.5 arcmin from the field of view center. Geometry distortion calibrated by a continuum lamp.

The spectrograph parameters

- spatial sampling resolution  element 0.5 x 0.5", 0.75 x 0.75", 1 x1"
- field of wiew 16 x 16 resolved  elements
- spectral range  3600-9600 Imga.gif (70 bytes)
- dispersion 0.75-3.0Imga.gif (70 bytes)/px, realized by a set   of gratings of 300-1200 g/mm
- resolution FWHM  ~4 px  over the entire field      of view 
- collimator off-axis  Maksutov f=400 mm, f/3.5, field  of view  10 deg
- collimated beam 100 mm
- camera   Schmidt-Cassegrain f=150 mm, f/1.2,     field of view 14 deg
- detector  CCD EEV42-40   2048x 2048px, 13.5 x 13.5 mm/px, readout noise 2.2e-
- calibration   geometrical distortion,  spectral flat-field, comparison spectrum Ar-Ne-He, spectrophotometric standards 
- total quantum efficiency 4-5% per 5000 Imga.gif (70 bytes)     (telescope+spectrograph+detector)
- flextures 10 mm at zenith distances     between 10 and 70 deg 
- scattered light <2%
- recorded data cube   16 x 18 x 1024elements
- transmission variations
  of data cube elements     

~ 15% without reduction,    <2% after reduction



The spectrograph is mounted on the universal prime focus adapter which have the TV guiding sytem with 2 x3 arcmin field of view for pointing the object and two moveable probes for offset guiding. Spectrograph and universal prime focus adapter are under remote control. Data acquisition performed by the PC/AT 586 under the DINA software.

Spectra with S/N~10 of the extended objects with surface brightness of V~21 could be obtained with spectral resolution ~6-7 A in spectral range 4000-6500 AA during the exposure time of 600 sec.

Equipment status : experimental equipment. All observations performed with MPFS are under supervision and in collaboration with Laboratory staff.

(Laboratory Head Dr. S.N. Dodonov, ).


MPFS Manual is also available : HTML or PostScript format

                  (Current status on 1.04.1998)

                MPFS responsible Prof. V.L. Afanasiev ( )

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